“Hudsy Hawn has been a significant instrument in my toolkit! She has been an asset in guiding my clients toward their sexuality goals. She is a brilliant instructor for any client who wants to experience and learn BDSM, for clients who have control issues, and for couples who have power struggles within their relationship and desire obtaining balance. I highly recommend her!”

-Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones (Clinical Sexologist)



“I am writing to thank you for such a rewarding experience. It's very rare that someone lets you in and it was very generous of you and made the experience so much more rewarding for me than if you had kept me at a distance and adopted a persona. For me, the domestic scene works best like that - real floors to be scrubbed, real dust to be cleaned, real .... well, you know the rest.”

-P.S. (a very happy domestic slave)

"I got a glimpse into the world of BDSM by reading Hudsy Hawn's recent Mens Health article, 'I'm a Dominatrix, and here's how I can help you have better sex.' I looked her up in a snap and set up a cyber coaching session in just a few days. Hudsy is a force of nature with a heart of gold. She showed me the ropes, and kept me in the pink, with more than 50 shades of kink. 

-J. (Newbie by night, down-to-earth dude by day)

"Hudsy, you and your BDSM panel were totally amazing; your scene with Mr. Shaw riveted us, cracked us open and taught us about authentic trust. You changed views of people in the room who before pathologized BDSM -into becoming its supporters." 

-Dr.Patti Britton (Sex Coach U.)

"I was in a vanilla marriage and after my divorce, I dipped my toe back into dating and met several men who wanted me to dominate them.  It's all been very new to me but Hudsy's Scene Negotiation class was exactly what I needed and was looking for. Her class was well organized, informative and I was at ease from the moment I walked in. Thank you! "

-S.P. (Divorced, Single Mom/BDSM Student)


" I was referred to Hudsy by a marriage counselor who felt that she could save my marriage. I really thought the therapist lost it when she referred me to someone who was into "kink" and that somehow this was going to solve everything. I showed up for my first session and was completely blown away. Hudsy was professional, discrete and most of all understanding. She listened and then gave suggestions, she asked for my feedback, gauged my reactions and gave me alternative solutions. Hudsy's coaching worked like a charm. From day one, using techniques that I learned from her coaching, my relationship with my wife changed. I can happily say that after continued coaching and following Hudsy's techniques my marriage is back on track and quite possibly the best it's been in over 10 years. And most importantly, the excitement (and mystery) is back in our marriage!" 

-Andrew G. (Client & Corporate CEO)

"Seeing Hudsy perform at Bar Sinister's fetish night blew me away. She is on a whole different level than others I have seen perform. The layers of touch, acceptance, emotional safety and physical pleasure in an array and order that is like incredible live artwork definitely puts Hudsy at a level that demands respect. I saw Hudsy take a submissive (along with the observing audience) on a journey of emotions that left everyone speechless. It's truly an incredible experience to observe Hudsy at work."

-Todd (Freelance filmmaker)


"Hudsy Hawn is the first person I met and became friends within the Los Angeles BDSM community and I am very grateful for her friendship and guidance. She has been nothing but a positive force for me and countless others who are new to BDSM and looking for the right path to travel down.

I had no idea what kinks to explore before going to my first class in 2015. Thankfully Hudsy was such an inviting person that I felt compelled to keep returning to those weekend classes.

Now I'm helping instruct classes on rope bondage and flogging.  I had no idea I would fall in love with the idea of helping others find their path to unlocking their kinky pleasures and Hudsy is a giant reason I find myself in the position I currently occupy.

Thank you, Hudsy. I owe so much to your enthusiasm to help others. Not sure where I would be without your gift to keep people motivated."

 -Christopher M. (BDSM student & lifestyle player)


"As a psychotherapist who specializes in the BDSM community, Hudsy Hawn has been an indispensable resource for me both as a kink consultant and a referral source. I have referred couple clients to her who want to learn how to negotiate and then conduct a safe, sane consensual BDSM scene. I have also referred individuals to her who may need their interests normalized, need help connecting to the kink community, or need guidance exploring their kink proclivities safely. I've worked with her since 2014, and she has consistently been conscientious, intuitive, benevolent, empathic and knowledgeable in her approach. I recommend her highly. Your clients will be in great hands." 
-Kate Loree (LMFT, ATR, MBA)


"After discussing my needs, my therapist assigned me a task:  To find a professional Dominatrix and book a session.  I was excited but feeling scared and vulnerable, too.  After reading online what various Dominants said about themselves and their work, I selected Hudsy.  That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Hudsy is smart, kind, playful, and very good at her job.  She immediately welcomed me as a new member of the kink tribe, and she made me feel accepted and cherished.  Hudsy has a healing energy, and I made enormous progress in my own journey very quickly by working with her.  She has professional experience as a submissive, switch, and Dominant—so wherever you’re coming from, Hudsy knows it from the inside out.  She is compassionate, dedicated, and very, very helpful.   I love her to pieces!  She’s the best!"

-Douglas E. (Client & lifestyle submissive)

"Serving Mistress Hawn has been such a great joy. She has taught me so much, e.g., how to really surrender and transfer the power I have exercised over so many years, how to enjoy and revel in submission as such a natural reaction...one I had never felt before. She took me step by step to safely cross boundaries into the D/s world. Her creativity is incredible as She dreams up scenarios that further create a huge desire for me to serve in whatever manner She commands! She has made me the bottom that I am...allowing me to safely serve the Top I desire!"

-Michael (Client & lifestyle switch)

"Hudsy very well might be the leading advocate for the BDSM community in the entire USA. Her work for the Stockroom included teaching many classes on a variety of topics. She also organizes and emcees many kink events not only in the USA but also throughout the world. I also have sessioned with Hudsy and she is a true player. If you have any questions about BDSM or want to enhance your BDSM experience, Hudsy is the one to see."

-Master Britt   (Client & lifestyle Dominant)


"Hudsy Hawn is an incredibly lovely, intelligent, and empathetic person. These traits shine brightest through her life's passion for helping others.  My experiences with Hudsy began shortly after an emotionally abusive relationship and Hudsy's generous encouragement, acceptance, thoughtfulness, guidance, and care were instrumental in my healing process. New worlds and possibilities that I never thought possible opened up to me, and I wouldn't be the man I am today had it not been for Hudsy.  Through acceptance of my kinky proclivities, I was able to embrace my ever-evolving sexuality, and ultimately, myself. Thank You Hudsy for everything!" 

-B.B.  (submissive)

"Hudsy, I just wanted to thank you for some important BDSM basics that I learned and have been applying. I’ve started to get a reputation as someone with 'airtight negotiations!' I’ve now had four separate people from the local scene here in Northern California tell me that they overheard me negotiating with someone and were really impressed with how safe and thorough I was. I feel like I have a lot to owe to you from your  “Successful Scenes & Negotiations” workshop I took last year.  Someone recently attributed my negotiation style to just being part of 'the next generation' of kinksters so I had to correct them and say  that I actually learned it from a Pro Domme with lots of experience under her belt!

-Nina (student)

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