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June 4, 2017


(photo courtesy Hudsy Hawn)


My feet were always very ticklish growing up, It wasn't until I started working as a Dominatrix that I lost my aversion to having them touched. Yet as I began writing this piece, I suddenly recalled a buried memory from my vanilla college years.

I was dating a guy and one night during foreplay I suddenly felt a hot wetness on my feet and realized he was sucking on my toes. It didn't turn me on but it didn't gross me out either. After a few minutes we moved on and never really spoke of it afterward. In retrospect, I guess I was too young and inexperienced to realize that he was trying to share his fetish with me. I hope wherever he is today, he eventually found his Foot Goddess and is able to be himself.


But even after that experience I still had no idea that people -- especially men -- were so into feet, at least not until I began doing dungeon work. I'm a curvaceous gal with very large size 11 feet and with thin, slender toes, it's sometimes very hard to find shoes that are sexy yet comfortable. Just one of my feet covers the entire length of a person's face, yet it takes both placed side-by-side to cover the width. When I first started doing professional Domme work, I was more likely to see my feet as large and ungainly rather than sexy. However, my personal clients saw them differently. The size was exactly what they loved most about them. Some men were very specific: The bigger the better.


(Fireplace Footsies (photo courtesy Hudsy Hawn)


Feet are like people: No two are ever the same. If you look closely at your own, you'll even find that the two are slightly different from each other, much like identical twins with an obvious "tell" or two. Those who are into foot fetishes are connoisseurs of such differences. There are even foot soirees where women can literally sit on pedestals and make “foot money” as the Goddesses they are. Many enthusiasts will spend time with a variety of feet all night long at events like the very successful Los Angeles & Las Vegas parties.


Loving feet is considered a kink, and it's become one of the more mainstream common ones. Even famous people like Jay Leno have publicly admitted their passion for it. Dave Chappelle was recently very open during his Netflix comedy special about his love for women’s feet. But foot fetish has a history that spans centuries: Documented accounts of foot sex dates back as far as 1220 AD. Some historians believe that it became popular in Europe as a safer-sex technique during STI outbreaks in the medieval era, when there was virtually no treatment and the consequences of infection could be devastating.


When I became a Pro Domme and started to do weekly sessions with male clients, I would turn down those occasional “foot job” requests, however, I was able to improvise and offer alternative “safe and legal” ideas by utilizing verbal play and foot-to-mouth contact. And through those interactions I began to realize the big turn-on that this kind of play provides both sides of the foot, if you will.

I never found my own feet particularly sexy. But watching a boyfriend or client sitting beneath me, so engrossed in the action of worshiping them… deep in subspace… to see the power my size 11’s have and the joy it gives to them… I admit it, I became hooked. When I watch a man I'm dating touch, massage, rub, smell, kiss or suck my toes, I find myself sometimes experiencing what it must be like for a man, to have a penis to worship, and I reflect on the joy of understanding that experience a little bit better, living vicariously through my own long toes.


(Hudsy Hawn (photo courtesy The Stockroom)


Freud considered the foot a penis-symbol/surrogate, and I concur with that idea. Toes can be very phallic and I feel like it gives the submissive in the scene an opportunity to explore an oral fixation or emotional subservience that they wouldn’t normally want or get to. Perhaps it takes us back to some primal part of ourselves that wants to be of service or to be owned.


I recently asked my foot fetishist boyfriend, (whom for anonymity we will call) “Deepthroat”, to share his reasons with me: “It’s about letting her know that it’s a privilege to touch any part of her. It doesn’t have to be her tits or her pussy. Even touching her feet is an honor, because she is a Goddess.”


Nothing gets me hotter than tapping into the power I never knew I had, seeing my foot fetishist partner-in-crime get so into it, calling me his Goddess, and being in that state of ecstasy just by my feet resting on his face or chest. Admiring and respecting someone in such a fashion where you're looking up from their feet or looking down at a swooning face... I believe it's a huge turn on no matter which role we are in because it gives us that temporary gift of complete abandon. Allowing someone the freedom to let go and put you in charge. And what more powerful a way than someone's foot above you, on your body, holding you down, the ultimate form of power with someone's weight slightly pressed onto you. And it also introduces other new and vanilla-friendly fetish possibilities, such as a light, yet safely-executed trampling.


I asked my friend and blonde bombshell, Winner Joclyn Stone to share her expert thoughts with me: “It started when I was young, wanting my feet rubbed all the time. But when I found a true "foot fetishist" on his knees in front of me, I fell in love and knew I was hooked. Creating a mental bubble that could be taken in any direction… It’s a wonderful kink to share and when trust is involved, it is a privilege to explore. I feel lucky.”



 (Joclyn Stone (photo courtesy


An occasional masochist client of mine also chimed in, giving me his bottom side perspective. “I love being submissive, and foot worship just takes me into that submissive state of mind right away.”

I’ve had many women ask me how they can get started enjoying this ever popular type of play. So whether you’re looking to go "Pro" or just explore it inside of your own personal relationship, here are some important guidelines to remember:


Don’t Judge:


I’ve worked with many couples on this kink, and some have been judgmental or fearful of what it means about their partner.

I will suggest a simple fact: Most people are simply kinky.

If your partner is brave enough to share their fantasies with you, then consider respecting their open and honest vulnerability. Because when it’s your turn to share, they’ll be that much more apt to support your secret desires as well.


Don’t Dismiss Cleanliness:


Freud considered the smell of feet significant (and ongoing Ugg wearing works great for this, by the way, as long as you keep an eye out for accidental foot infections). However, just because one person may like odorous feet, doesn’t mean an extremely “potent” foot shouldn’t still look good. However, some foot fetishists prefer clean-smelling feet and toes, and the softer the skin, the better. That means daily pumicing in the tub or shower, with extra focus on smoothing potentially dry, cracked heels, backs of toes and balls of the foot. I know women who make this task a part of their daily routine. And if some of your shoes are causing permanent marks or sores, get rid of them. The soap you use shouldn’t leave a film or taste either. Be sure to rinse off all products and leave no trace.


Don’t Dismiss the Importance of Pedicures:


Visually, most foot fetishists prefer polished toenails and even have very specific color preferences. (I have a foot fetish friend who can’t look at red toenail polish as it triggers a bad memory involving blood). When it comes to taste and smell, no one wants to ingest lotion or fragrances off of the feet. You should have your pedicure done at least 2 days before foot play. The taste and smell of nail polish lingers, long after afterward. Not only is it smelly, it’s toxic in your partner’s mouth!


Don’t Forget the Appetizers:


Your feet are connected to your legs. That means this kink can travel north. Most people prefer clean-shaven legs, so be sure you’re smooth before play. Nothing kills the mood like unwanted hair on knees, legs and feet. But hey, some people are into that, too! Remember to negotiate the scene thoroughly beforehand with your partner. Find out what appetizers (if any) they like with the main course. Sometimes they’ll want to worship your calves or backs of the knees as well. Make sure the whole package is available (if you both want it to be) and in no time, you may be adding facesitting/smothering as well as other forms of tease and denial to your bag of sexy tricks!


Don’t Forget Safety:


Just because you saw aggressive foot gagging in a video doesn’t mean you should force feed, feet first! Breathplay and forced foot choking takes practice. Learning safe and sterile protocols from seasoned Professional Dominatrices is good, sound advice. Play in a clean sterile area and start off slow. Let the bottom role guide the energy, speed and intensity of your foot play. Never force your feet or shoes into your partner’s mouth and throat. It’s safer for the Top to remain seated or even lay down. Gravity and weight can cause dangerous unforeseen accidents, which can jeopardize both of your safety.

And if you’re looking to transition the oral worship into more of a “penis/foot job” scene, try Sliquid’s variety of flavored edible lubes. That way you can stay in the mood even as you’re switching gears, no matter what sexy direction you choose to take next.


Foot play can be the beginning of a very long and drawn-out foreplay before moving to other areas of the lower body, or it can serve as the main course itself. With open minds and mouths, along with safe, sane and consensual negotiation, you’ll both soon fall head over foot!


This entry was posted on June 1, 2017 by Hudsy Hawn.




Footnight™ International currently hosts events in multiple cities across the U.S and Canada. New locations are being added on a regular basis.


Joclyn Stone has shared her love of foot fetish on Playboy TV’s “Under Cover" and has also received awards for Breakthrough Model, Miss Congeniality and more. Tune in to her podcast “Sick Addictions” on




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