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                                                                (Photo by Hudsy Hawn) 


I walk into the house and he’s already on his knees. The chain that’s locked on his collar is still attached to the kitchen table. He crawls over to me wearing nothing but his blue jeans, and hesitates until he sees my approval.


I nod so he lifts my skirt and presses his nose to my panties. I let him breathe me in a little and he starts to moan and wiggle a bit, which I always enjoy watching.


“Goddess, I missed you", he says, and he looks up at me with that boyish grin, and as I press his face back into me, he moans and whimpers a little, and I know it’s because I haven’t moved my underwear to the side yet. No need to, he can feel how wet I am through the fabric. And I know it makes him so much harder when I deny him a little. I know his cock has already doubled in size inside those jeans and I’ve only been home a few seconds.


I unlock his chains and sit at the table, pleased to see he has already poured me a glass of wine. I sit with my black patent leather shiny heels in his face, doing my best to ignore him, which is hard, because he is so beautiful. He crawls over, staring at me, with a patient excitement as he waits for my next words. I love him like this, so alert, so attentive, so submissive. But I must go slow. The sub in me knows what a Dom should do. And the Dom in me knows what a sub wants.


“Take off my shoes. My feet hurt.”


"Yes, Goddess!"


He springs to life, like a giddy, kinky schoolboy, and takes one heel off, then the other, placing them carefully, side by side on the floor just next to him. He waits with careful patience until I finally look at him, and I smile, giving him that go ahead nod again. He begins to rub my painted red toes and I sigh, sipping my wine, closing my eyes, and glowing in the fact that I have this amazing man waiting for me at home like this.


“How was your session, Goddess?”


“Inspiring. I think I learned something from them.”


I’d trained a couple earlier that day. I was teaching a wife how to dominate her husband. And all the way back in the car I wanted to continue what I had started, but with my sexy little slut chained to the table at home.


“What did you learn, Goddess?”


I place my wine down and lay my foot on his chest, pressing him onto his back and flat onto the floor so his face is just below my body.


“I was reminded just how beautiful a man’s submission is. How strong and brave, such a turn on, and yet, such a wonderful contradiction.”


He sighs and I see his eyes glaze over as we stare at one another. I can feel myself dripping so I slowly remove my panties and lightly drop them onto his face. He presses them to his nose and mouth until I pull them away from his face, clutching them with my long toes.


“Unzip your jeans.”


“Yes, Goddess,” he says, and as he does, his cock springs out of his pants suddenly, so large and swollen that I almost can’t believe he’s been able to stand being so bound up. He reaches for his cock without asking and I smack his hand away.


“Did I say you could touch MY cock?”  His hands shoot to his sides.


“No Goddess, I’m so sorry. You just turn me on so much.”


This makes me laugh. I wish I can hide it, but it truly amuses me so I can't.


“Don’t be such a kiss ass.”


He stops and looks up at me and we both laugh. The switches in both of us give one another a hall pass… we break for a moment and love that we can easily continue.

I stare at him again and he begins rubbing his own chest, in an effort to avoid his cock.


“Oh, do you want to touch yourself for me?”


“Oh yes, more than anything Goddess!”


I lift my feet up and slowly lower them onto his entire face, covering his mouth with my toes, my arches on his cheeks and nose, my heels lightly resting on his forehead.

He begins to immediately kiss my toes so sweetly, the sounds he makes on them creating a vibration on my skin, his expressive voice making me even more wet, and he’s so pent up but I’m not quite ready to give him more.




“Let me see your tongue.”


“Oh, thank You, Goddess!”


His pink hot mouth begins to really suck on my toes now, his tongue rubbing in between each of my long digits, darting in and out of my toes.


"Good boy."

"Yes, I'm a good boy," he repeats, which makes me smile because I know how much he likes to hear those words.


And I’m suddenly realizing that I have never loved foot worship this much, not until him, because his passion for it is so great, and I am dying to give it to him all the time. To fuck him just like this. With my feet. Because I see what it does to him. And it makes me feel powerful like a man. And it makes me imagine how it would feel to have a cock, if only I had one, the only view being his beautiful tongue and chin, and that glorious torso and that enormous cock throbbing just above his open fly.


“Alright, you may touch yourself,” I say, not so much for him, but because I get such great pleasure watching him do it.


“Oh, thank you Goddess,” he mumbles through a mouth full of foot. And with one hand he’s rubbing his chest, the other one on his cock, moving up and down so quickly, and my foot is now rubbing all over his face, and he’s swooning beneath me. This moment between us, it’s so much better than sex. Seeing him like this, in such beautiful erotic subspace below me, completely letting go and surrendering himself to this moment, belonging to me, and being so turned on by it all - He is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. And then I decide to hug both my feet around his cock. And he thrusts his hips up and down, clasping my feet in both his hands, sealing my arches to his swollen cock, humping my feet vigorously as he gets closer, and closer, which gives me an idea.


“Five… Four…”


“Oh, yes, Goddess, yes!”


“Three…”  And he’s about to explode and yet I know he will wait for me.


“I’m so close Goddess!”




I smile as I see him start to shudder, because he’s already there.




“Oooooh, I’m cumming for you, Goddess!”


And he explodes his wet hotness all over my feet and as his thrusts eventually slow, I reach down with my fingers and taste him. He slowly starts to come out of it.


Suddenly I see a Dominant smile begin to grow across his lips and I realize it’s now my turn.

©2016 Hudsy Hawn

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