Interested in Hudsy's educational workshops? Below are just a few of her course offerings. She has taught at Stockroom University, Catalyst Con, The Pleasure Chest, Dungeon West & East, DeMasK, The Dominion,'s Armory Tours, and Exxxotica Expo.





There’s a recipe for most successful scenes. Add 1 consensual partner, 2 cups of Negotiation, 1 spoonful of each of your mutually agreed desires and then stir the items in the bowl until they are smooth and NEVER add extra ingredients once cooking. (Place your aftercare frosting in the refrigerator to cool for later.)

When we get turned on it’s easy to forget our own rules and manners. Stick to the agreed Appetizers, work up to the Main Course, and save the Dessert for next time. 

Learn how to cook Bold-Dutiful-Sexy-Memories: Successful Scenes, From Negotiation to Aftercare.



Are you excited about BDSM's erotic possibilities but you and your partner still haven't begun to stock your toy bag? The choices and tastes are limitless but before you make those first selections, consider this acronym:

Touch. On. Your. Self.


Hudsy Hawn shares her insight on your most important first investment: Using your mind and body. Learn to create play with your most personal play implements, your physical limbs creative minds, and the 7 Wheels of Energy.. Whether you wish to be a thoughtful Top or a receptive bottom, long before you buy that first flogger, consider this: YOU are your own toy bag. Touch. On. Your. Self.  





Paddles, Floggers, Crops and Canes can be the foreplay before the main event or the wrong kind of pain that ruins the mood. Learn how to properly select and safely use the tools of the trade with technical finesse and confident ease. Bring a partner and be prepared to experience both the stingy and thuddy sides of the coin. Remember: The best Tops are usually experienced bottoms. 



Are you interested in learning how to be a Financial or Lifestyle Dominant? Maybe you’ve just naturally been the Top in most of your relationships and now it’s time to cultivate BDSM instincts and desires into your personal and/or professional life. Or perhaps you've always wanted to be a Dom/FinDom but you’ve been waiting for that right informative opportunity to present itself. Spend a few hours with Hudsy Hawn and get a basic start kit on the Strategy of a Professional Kinkster.



What makes a great Dom or Top?

It's not about the outfits, the attitude or how well one throws a flogger. It's about "reading" the person across from you; the client or partner who's offering their submission. Ongoing mentorship in the professional side of BDSM with importance on safety and common sense is crucial, while lifestyle encounters will always create a more thoughtful and experienced FinDom. 

Whether you're new or experienced, join 'Service Top' Hudsy Hawn for an interactive offering of Her successful practices and protocols that have helped make this lifestyle sub turned Pro Domme one of the most well known and respected Ladies in Her shared industry. 

Event open to ALL roles, genders. Toy bags, consenting partners and your questions are welcomed.



How do you become a seasoned Top? Ask yourself, "WHY do I want to be a Dominant?" Figure out if your reasons are going to benefit not just you, but the people you play with.


Hudsy Hawn offers a follow up to her popular class, FemDom101. Not just a class for beginning Tops, Miss Hawn is opening up the invitation to all genders and roles, to men as well as women. From reading your partner to understanding BDSM checklists, safe implement use and scene precautions, Mistress Hawn will guide both Doms and subs through both the mental and physical aspects of safe interactive BDSM. Bottoms are encouraged to chime in as well.


ALL are welcome to attend as we work our way up and down the road to “DomHood." 



Want a crash course in creating a successful journey From Vanilla to Kink? In this class, Hudsy discusses the genesis of why some are kinky, and how to safely begin that exploration through Hudsy’s own personal tried and true Three Step Formula. Hudsy’s class will also share tips from her Mens Health article on how to set the perfect scene as well as smarter ways to select and use a varietal of BDSM toys and props. Bring your toybag and a consenting partner if you would like to participate in the hands-on exploration portion of class.












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